Sunday, April 10, 2016

Laze daze

Wearing: H&M denim jacket, TOPSHOP black halter, ColourPop's Tulle on the lips

What's a holiday without a lazy day with one of your best gal pals right? Couple of weeks ago, Kristie (gal pal as aforementioned) came over and we decided to play dress up. We were going for an "all dressed up but nowhere to go" (or really just too lazy to get up and go) kinda look, are you feelin' it?

Just being real, probably the last jacket you will see in my outfits, at least for the next couple of months, IT'S TOO HOT UP IN HERE. ColourPop's Tulle looks like a deep mauve pink in the tube but once on my lips, it turns brown, is all cool tho I love it. It is, unfortunately, not an easy lip product to remove, it gets everywhere and in the next series of photos (which will be up soon!) I didn't even have to slap on a lipstick, it's already stained. Ahh, a lazy girl's make up hacks.

Photos shot by Kristie Ng

She's cute, I know, and single too ;-)

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