Sunday, September 13, 2015


Welcome back to this little space! I’m so happy to have you, I can’t come up with any excuses for my hiatus that don’t sound lame in my head so I will save you from hearing them, I’ve just been lazy.

I’ve been loving shirt dresses lately. For one, dresses are always an easy go-to to look put together on days you can’t find it in you to decide what to wear. However, the tricky thing for someone my height is finding the perfect length for shirt dresses so that it doesn’t end up looking sloppy. Any longer and it’s gonna look like I rushed out of the house in my pajamas, y’know what I mean?

On the topic of (fashionable) convenience, rompers are another option. You just have to make one choice (okay, I must admit, most days even a single choice is hard to make) and you are set for the day. This is one I would put on for a last minute night out! Maybe it’s just me but I always forget how to tie a knot through a D-ring. I mean, that stuff looks cool and all but man, it gets messy.

Romper: The Editor’s MarketHeels: Charles and Keith
Photos were shot and edited by my friend, Kristie.

I’m little nervous for the months to come but more excited than anything else. I've missed the process of planning an outfit for the blog and the excitement when it's finally ready to be published. I hope you’ve been well, I’ll be back here real soon. 

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  1. ASHLEY U SO CUTE plus shirt dresses are always on point <3