Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beginning of The End

leather jacket: Forever 21, thigh slit midi: asos.com, shoes: Superga 2750, tote: Monki

Photos shot by: Vanessa Tan

Beginning of the end of 2014, that is! I finally turned 18 yesterday, pretty chill Monday spent in lecture halls, not the ideal situation but it makes for one less crappy Monday left in 2014. I know this is a rather odd thing to notice but it was the first time I have ever spent a birthday in classes (for the past 18 years, my birthday fell on a holiday/weekend) and actually around my peers. Undeniably, it is great day for social validation, hugs, wishes and honest people making the effort to make you feel special. I got fed coffee continuously and usually I would worry about an caffeine overdose but I think it was a risk I was willing to take. Thank God for friends that know the way to my heart. 

Just some people that made my day:

I am excited for what the new year has to bring and hopefully, a new year will bring change and a jolt in the monotony I have been wishing for lately. 

Speaking of monotony, I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked, "Ashley, are you going through a black and white phase?" To be honest, I am not sure. I do miss my colour and sometimes I do try to inject it into my day to day. It is sort of me fighting the December rainy season by making an ironic statement as I run around in the rain, in a bright orange floral outfit. I'm not sure if I just look silly, but I do it anyway. 

My favourite thing about my outfit today is def my new leather jacket. Probably because I felt the tough, leather look could compensate for my baby face on the whole gangsta scale. (Is it working??) I got this one at Forever 21. I have not shopped there in a while but I walked by the other day and I happened to see it in the window and it was just the kind I have been looking for. I was half preparing myself to deal with the let down I would have to face after I check the price tag and probably have to walk away from it. But!!! Alas, good things do happen!! It was less than $50, which I think is a great deal for a leather jacket (yes it is not real leather fo sho, but real leather in the Singapore heat is probably too much too bare, even for the sake of vanity, I'm sorry bro, I can't do it) You can expect to see a lot more of this leather baby.

December is going to be a hectic month of school, but I am also very sure it's going to be a great end to 2014, I can't wait!  It is what gives me the energy to get through the not so fun days, paired with large amounts of coffee. 

I hope you have as many positive feelings as I do about December, if not, more. But regardless, I hope you are getting by just fine.