Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Written in Black and White

Top: The Editor's Market, Shorts: H&M, Plimsolls: Topshop
Photos shot by: Jolaine Chua

Nothing too fancy for today's post but I quite like this monochrome outfit I put together for a Monday lined up with classes back-to-back. I am still comfortably sitting in this attire, nursing a flu as I type the first draft of this post (it is 10:46 p.m.). I am well aware halter necks do nothing for girls with squishy arms that look like they may have skipped arm day at the gym (guilty) but there is something about the black lining of the top mimicking a cartoon drawing (possible follow up to the theme of me refusing to grow up? check here and here) that pulled me to the blouse every single time I saw it on the racks. Evidently, I gave in and took it home (guilty, again).

Much of my style lately has been quite simple and to be very honest with you, I feel most at ease in these. Some may think little or less effort goes into dressing simply but I feel like I have called enough "dress down" days for myself when in a rush (then surprise myself when I still take longer than 5 minutes to get ready) to know this.

I still end up thinking about matching textures and patterns, chiffon to balance out the leather, solid colours to balance out the vibrant floral prints, you know? Some days, I still get things wrong and these are the days I exercise ignorance toward my own fashion blunders I have to wear like a scarlet throughout the day, "As long as I don't post a photo of it, it didn't really happen right?? No one will remember?". Crossing my fingers that I don't meet anyone I need to impress, you know those days when you meet new people and one line rings in your head going something like "Trust me, please, I usually look more presentable". Also, helps a lot when you have forgiving/supportive friends, lets you skip the worry of wondering if they noticed your chestnut brown pants don't really go with your black, gold embellished shoes, a worry similar to when you carelessly forget you are in public and stalk an ex on social media platforms then look around to see if anyone noticed your screen.

I am asking a lot of you know questions in hopes I am not the only one on this.

But really, I'm sure you've heard this many times before from several style role models, fashion doesn't have to be too serious, forgive yourself on days you picked out your polka dotted skirt and clashing cat print blouse (unintentionally, of course) in the midst of a morning daze to get to 8 a.m. class on time, I will always reassure you, it's okay :-)

After all, dressing up to me is how I best express myself, how this introvert tries to put the best advertisement for herself out there, a prelude to me as me and sometimes, I am a mess and it's okay.